1. North Coast Brother Thelonious Caramel Apple Tart

    December 15, 2013 by bri

    Hello there internet!

    Life has been distracting lately, but I’m still here and now so is this fruity, spicy, belgian beer-y apple tart. It’s the perfect dessert to satisfy your inner- (or outer-) beer geek after a holiday feast.

    A deep apple craving always hits me this time of year, and I always seem to have a deafening desire for a good belgian dark strong during the long winter nights. North Coast’s Brother Thelonious doesn’t need me to wax poetic – the brew can speak for itself, for sure… and it really sings (or “tickles the ivories”) with a few tart apples.

    This is an apple tart that celebrates winter and new beginnings. I moved, and am finally accepting the new kitchen. Learning to take photos again has been a journey – new light takes some adjustment.


  2. Tart Cherry Pi(e) with Black Diamond Peak XV Imperial Porter

    July 18, 2013 by bri

    When I think of summer, especially around Seattle, I think of the days after the 4th of July. That’s about the time I can start to leave all sorts of things (like shoes, cloth-covered furniture, etc…) outdoors and not worry about finding them waterlogged and moldy.

    The 4th inevitably fills my head with thoughts of lattice-topped cherry pie and sloshing pints (or clandestinely filled water bottles) of delicious craft beer at a sunny picnic. Although it’s never been a particular tradition of mine to have pie for the 4th, I have this idea that cherry pie is something quintessentially “American.”

    And so is beer.

    On top of that – of all the things – beer and pie would have to be in the top five on anyone’s list of “most delicious things of all time,” so…. Why not combine the two?


  3. Chainbreaker Meringue Swirls with Orange Zest

    April 3, 2013 by bri

    Citrus season is always one of my favorite food seasons, so I’m always a little sad to see it go. But the end of citrus season also means the end of winter. It means more color, more sunshine, more warmth, and the fast approach of Seattle Beer Week.

    It means sitting on the back porch with a summery beer will soon be a common activity!

    Saying goodbye to citrus also means it’s time to start thinking about rhubarb. A friend of mine had an idea to brew a Belgian Witbier with rhubarb, so that is definitely on the docket for upcoming homebrew activities. I’m thinking chamomile would be a good accent spice to the tartness of rhubarb.

    Belgian Witbiers got me thinking of these pillowy striped meringue cookies I noticed on Martha Stewart’s website, so I decided to adapt the idea to include some great craft beer flavor.